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I Deserve Empowerment Project

I Deserve Empowerment A Day of Transformation I attended a random Facebook event that popped on my newsfeed called: I Deserve Empowerment Project. The description of the event was very interesting. Usually, if it’s about a day of self-discovery and improving your life I am the first to be there. I’ve been to others and this one was very different. It’s clear that Jersey City is in need for an empowerment event so our voices can be heard. What do you deserve? This is where this event laid its foundation. Little did I know what to expect being this is the second event of its kind in jersey city. I walked in completely dressed down! I had no idea everyone else received the “cocktail hour” attire memo except, you guessed it, ME! Nonetheless, I’m “urban” dress the usual jeans and t-shirt and continued networking among the others. I met the host of the event and spoke to her for a few minutes. The host was Mrs. Kelly Soto of Soto Strategies, Inc. She is a wellness and life coach. She gave a brief introduction about the event, her life story, and the guests. The audience was given light refreshments and snacks as well as complimentary henna tattoos. Although everyone was dressed in a semi-formal/formal attire, it was a very informal event. Kelly opened with meditation and some dance. She continued...

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Joey “Coco” Diaz at The Borgata

Meeting Uncle Joey Joey Diaz Tour June 29, 2017 | NYC This slideshow requires JavaScript. Wow. Ever had that moment in your life that you are lost for words? Uncle Joey is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. Unbelievable how just speaking with him for a few minutes you knew how humble and truly caring this guy is. I follow comedian Joey Diaz on social media and listen to his podcast regularly. If you don’t, you have to check it out! He is hysterical, but most importantly he is REAL. I appreciate that the most from anyone. I love a good story, but dropping some knowledge and truth on a subject is where I instantly attach to you. Coming from Hudson County, I tend to follow and support those from my area. No matter what we are a community and we must stick together to help each other succeed! Joey Diaz lived in North Bergen, my next door neighborhood, so I can identify places he talks about in his podcast and his comedy. It just makes it even funnier to me how real those stories are. I was so excited for his show and I knew I had to meet him. I sent out a tweet to him and in moments he responded! The day of the event he sent me another tweet to remind me we have...

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Drunk Shakespeare

Drunk Shakespeare! An Experience of a Lifetime July 29, 2017 | NYC “It’s time for shots! One for someone in our audience and 4 for our actor of the night!” Really?! Five minutes into the show and it’s already exciting! Drunk Shakespeare is a show I’ve never experienced…ever! The actors welcome you as soon as you walk in. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on the balcony, mezzanine or the stage they get everyone involved. I sat on the stage, compliments of Drunken Shakespeare. Thanks for the upgrade! It was great being up and close to the actors. These actors are very talented and extremely hilarious. Macbeth has never been funnier! I enjoyed the Shakespeare language mixed with modern twists. The actors really put their hearts into this show; from their facial expressions to their pauses of hysterical laughter at each other, it was fun just laughing with them and everyone else in the room. The environment was welcoming to all. You could really feel that this show was more than just a “Shakespeare Play”, it was about getting people together and just laugh to feel good. What else can you ask for? Good drinks, amazing show and being surrounded by an audience of strange people that made you feel like you’ve been friends forever (lol). Overall, I give Drunken Shakespeare 5 Stars and will be attending again...

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NYX Cosmetics Grand Opening

NYX Cosmetics Grand Opening Grand Opening of NYX Cosmetics with MUA Marisol Garcia June 23, 2017 | Edison, NJ Congratulations NYX Cosmetics on your grand opening at Menlo Park Mall! Of course, I couldn’t travel alone! I reached out to YouTube sensation and makeup artist, Marisol Garcia. I’ve never seen the necessity of each cosmetic product clearer than traveling with a pro. I learned about the best products NYX has to offer from their amazing Lid Lingerie shadow Palette to their Wicked Lashes to compliment my pretty eyelids. This store has many pros. I instantly fell in love with great music leading you in and their helpful employees welcoming you to the store. They have bright posters and a few TVs with many NYX Cosmetics models. I have to admit it was convenient to see a familiar makeup look on the screen and asking the employees how can create that exact look. All the products were right there and the employees were more than helpful to find the colors that match. My advantage of being with a Makeup Artist is she gave me the scoop on makeup techniques that work for her. I never felt more like a pro! HAHA! Marisol even helped me fill in my eyebrows! I don’t know how you ladies do it so well, but thanks to Marisol and NYX Cosmetics I am definitely mastering...

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Glory 43 Kickboxing

Glory Kickboxing A must see event! July 14, 2017 | NYC Who says girls can’t enjoy the sport of fighting? I for one enjoyed every minute! Thanks to the passion I have to grow my blog, a friend gave me free tickets to see Glory 43 at The Theater at MSG! Super grateful to enjoy this experience and come back and write about it. Glory 43 only comes around every couple of years as far as I know. So it was a BIG deal that they were back in NYC for some kick ass tournaments. It was clear that it was the hottest event of the night as you looked around the theater. It was completely SOLD OUT! Most exciting time of the night is when the atmosphere changed. The lights dimmed and spotlights were racing across the theater, over the crowds and the ring, then instantly stopped in the middle of the ring where the announcer screamed, “ITS TIME FOR GLORY!” The crowd goes wild and the kickboxers enters with their music of choice. I can see how these events are sold out. The energy gives you such a rush! The tournaments were so good, everyone was glued to their seats until break time. It was definitely an experience I won’t forget! Glory Kickboxing, please come back to the big apple soon! For more information about the fight...

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