About Me


My name is Sidney Orlando and I created Urban City Chick, to be my Keto diary.

I began my Keto journey in 2017 after I was diagnosed with PCOS. I battled with my menstrual cycle for over 10 years and was never diagnosed!

Once I came across the Ketogenic Diet, I never looked back. KETO CHANGED MY LIFE!

In January of 2018, I gave up on all my PCOS medications. After 3 months of strict Keto, I definitely noticed the difference. I felt full of energy, more focused, and not bloated, but most importantly my red gift was delivered without the use of medications! FIRST TIME EVER!

Since then, Keto has been my lifestyle and I wouldn't change it for the world. Now I am teaching others what I know about the diet and how to kickstart their journey. I love helping people live healthier and longer lives.

Who knows, this diet my change your life too!

Much Love,
Sidney xoxoxo