Events are kind of my thing...

I built this site to log my adventures!

From new events that may become yearly traditions.
To learning about other cultures and meeting new faces.
And my attempt to breaking the routine and living life each day as if it was my last!

About Me

My name is Sidney Orlando. I was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. I have a graphic design, photgraphy, marketing and event planning background. If you know me, then you know I am die hard about my city. I love diversity and all types of cultures. I beleive a community is stronger together. A family that supports eachother will grow together. With that being said, THANK YOU for stopping by and showing your support!

Enough about me…Let’s talk about this new adventure I’m on! 🙂

I am dedicating this site to all of these crazy fairs and events we see online. We all know those events that pop up on Facebook! Don’t they look like fun?! I get tagged in various events by friends almost daily…don’t you?! LOL! you even attend these events? If your answer is sometimes or if you just forget, no worries! Follow me and I’ll take you there. This is your one stop to all of the upcoming festivals and other events from NJ, NYC and wherever this life takes me. I’ll review the events and post photos of some of my favorite things to share with you!

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I can’t wait to start and hopefully meet you at the next event! Keep an eye out for the girl wearing URBAN CITY CHICK attire! Let’s take pics!

Much Luv,

Sidney Orlando
Founder of Urban City Chick