Meeting Uncle Joey

Joey Diaz Tour

June 29, 2017 | NYC

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Wow. Ever had that moment in your life that you are lost for words? Uncle Joey is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. Unbelievable how just speaking with him for a few minutes you knew how humble and truly caring this guy is. I follow comedian Joey Diaz on social media and listen to his podcast regularly. If you don’t, you have to check it out! He is hysterical, but most importantly he is REAL. I appreciate that the most from anyone. I love a good story, but dropping some knowledge and truth on a subject is where I instantly attach to you. Coming from Hudson County, I tend to follow and support those from my area. No matter what we are a community and we must stick together to help each other succeed! Joey Diaz lived in North Bergen, my next door neighborhood, so I can identify places he talks about in his podcast and his comedy. It just makes it even funnier to me how real those stories are.

I was so excited for his show and I knew I had to meet him. I sent out a tweet to him and in moments he responded! The day of the event he sent me another tweet to remind me we have to meet! AMAZING! The Borgata was packed that night. Joey had a sold out event and everyone was so excited to laugh out loud. When Uncle Joey walked on stage the crowd went wild! Whistling, shouting and clapping echoed the room. Once he started his set laughter filled the air along with more clapping whistling. He was hysterical from beginning to end! He started with jokes about growing up in North Bergen, NJ to his experience at a school dance with his little daughter. Oh. My. God. Boy, he had some crazy stories to share. He definitely took us through a journey and the crowd could not stop laughing. What a great time!

The night ended amazingly! A handful of his fans waited by the entrance for his appearance. I knew meeting him was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. So after, about 15 minutes Joey comes out to say hello to his fans and grab quick photos with everyone. When it was my turn I was like, “Hey you remember you owe me a hug?!” Would you believe he not only remembered the hug, but new my name and Twitter handle! WTH! That amazed me (lol). The best part is he actually spoke to me from the heart. Every once in awhile it’s a good feeling to have someone rooting for you and he truly was. His words of motivation stuck to me like glue. He spoke to me about his future ideas and he really would like to stay in contact with me.  Hopefully, he remembers me down the road (lol). No matter what, it was a fun filled day I will

cherish and I know we will meet again! #JerseySupportsJersey

Overall, the show was amazing! Joey Diaz is coming to NYC in November, but details are TBA. Stay up to date if you want a cheap night to laugh your ass off! The tickets to see him at The Borgata was ONLY $25!

Subscribe to his podcast to learn more about him and hear his crazy stories: The Church of What’s Happening.