I Deserve Empowerment

A Day of Transformation

I attended a random Facebook event that popped on my newsfeed called: I Deserve Empowerment Project. The description of the event was very interesting. Usually, if it’s about a day of self-discovery and improving your life I am the first to be there. I’ve been to others and this one was very different.

It’s clear that Jersey City is in need for an empowerment event so our voices can be heard. What do you deserve? This is where this event laid its foundation. Little did I know what to expect being this is the second event of its kind in jersey city.

I walked in completely dressed down! I had no idea everyone else received the “cocktail hour” attire memo except, you guessed it, ME! Nonetheless, I’m “urban” dress the usual jeans and t-shirt and continued networking among the others. I met the host of the event and spoke to her for a few minutes. The host was Mrs. Kelly Soto of Soto Strategies, Inc. She is a wellness and life coach. She gave a brief introduction about the event, her life story, and the guests. The audience was given light refreshments and snacks as well as complimentary henna tattoos.

Although everyone was dressed in a semi-formal/formal attire, it was a very informal event. Kelly opened with meditation and some dance. She continued to speak about her background and her company. My favorite part of the night was listening to the panel of guests that sat in the front of the room. It was interesting listening to them speak and finding connections in their stories with my own. Everyone has obstacles they must meet, but hearing how other people face theirs gives you hope that you can face your own as well.

Kelly also made time for a special appearance from Mr. Garden State who spoke about how to surpass anxiety and had models show his new clothing line.

Lastly, the end of the night was spent in small group answering a few questions on a sheet that got a bit personal, but therapeutic for most of the guests. Overall, the night was enjoyable. I networked with a handful a people who seem very nice and as far as I could tell enjoyed the event as well. The guests were definitely a friend of Kelly and her husband and showed up to support their friend. I look forward to attending future events from Soto Strategies and seeing Kelly grow more comfortable in this field.

I was able to capture a few photos while I was there. See below.