Thanks 92.3AMP Radio!

Must Watch Movie!

June 28, 2017 | NYC

Big thanks to 92.3AMP Radio for hooking me up with tickets to the screening of Spiderman Homecoming! AMC 25 Theater in New York was packed with people. The staff managed everyone pretty well considering there were 3 other screenings besides Spiderman. Once I passed the mess and found a seat in the theater, I was instantly stuck! LOL!

Let me explain…those seats. Oh, those seats were so comfortable! So much cushion for a theater seat. It was GREAT! Comfy seats plus a great movie equals an amazing night.

Spiderman Homecoming is definietly one of my favorite movies! The movie had a strong story plot. It was fun following Peter Parker learn from “the big boys” and how he earned the spot to be part of the Avengers. I also enjoyed watching Tony Stark mentor Peter Parker, almost like a father figure. That was an interesting match, but the two characters worked very well together.

Spiderman played by Tom Holland was the best depiction of spiderman. He truly made it his own and had everyone in their seats feeling every emotion he felt in the movie. His best friend was a great partner to balance the intense fighting scene with humor. You could tell the cast had a spectaular time creating the movie and bringing the characters to life. It was beautiful mix of everything you want in a movie: strong story, great color, amazing fighting scenes, humor and just a dash of romance. WHich by the way…the twist with MJ was PERFECTO! Have to admit kind of seen it coming, kind of didn’t. Nonetheless, very well done! Look forward to the next one! 🙂