NYX Cosmetics Grand Opening

Grand Opening of NYX Cosmetics with MUA Marisol Garcia

June 23, 2017 | Edison, NJ

Congratulations NYX Cosmetics on your grand opening at Menlo Park Mall! Of course, I couldn’t travel alone! I reached out to YouTube sensation and makeup artist, Marisol Garcia. I’ve never seen the necessity of each cosmetic product clearer than traveling with a pro. I learned about the best products NYX has to offer from their amazing Lid Lingerie shadow Palette to their Wicked Lashes to compliment my pretty eyelids.

This store has many pros. I instantly fell in love with great music leading you in and their helpful employees welcoming you to the store. They have bright posters and a few TVs with many NYX Cosmetics models. I have to admit it was convenient to see a familiar makeup look on the screen and asking the employees how can create that exact look. All the products were right there and the employees were more than helpful to find the colors that match.

My advantage of being with a Makeup Artist is she gave me the scoop on makeup techniques that work for her. I never felt more like a pro! HAHA! Marisol even helped me fill in my eyebrows! I don’t know how you ladies do it so well, but thanks to Marisol and NYX Cosmetics I am definitely mastering it. Hands down, the only product that worked for this brow newbie is NYX Cosmetics Precision Brow Pencil, Gotcha Covered Concealer Pencil, and Pro Spot Concealer Brush. Great combo and a MUST, especially if you’re a newbie like me! Marisol gave me a quick tutorial on how to apply it and with the smoothness of the pencil I can now fill in my eyebrows like a semi-pro. ¬†Thanks to NYX Cosmetics and Marisol, I will definitely visit the store again and stock up on my favorite brow combo! How can you not?! The total price is $26!

Check out our adventure below!