Glory Kickboxing

A must see event!

July 14, 2017 | NYC

Who says girls can’t enjoy the sport of fighting? I for one enjoyed every minute! Thanks to the passion I have to grow my blog, a friend gave me free tickets to see Glory 43 at The Theater at MSG! Super grateful to enjoy this experience and come back and write about it.

Glory 43 only comes around every couple of years as far as I know. So it was a BIG deal that they were back in NYC for some kick ass tournaments. It was clear that it was the hottest event of the night as you looked around the theater. It was completely SOLD OUT!

Most exciting time of the night is when the atmosphere changed. The lights dimmed and spotlights were racing across the theater, over the crowds and the ring, then instantly stopped in the middle of the ring where the announcer screamed, “ITS TIME FOR GLORY!” The crowd goes wild and the kickboxers enters with their music of choice. I can see how these events are sold out. The energy gives you such a rush! The tournaments were so good, everyone was glued to their seats until break time. It was definitely an experience I won’t forget! Glory Kickboxing, please come back to the big apple soon!

For more information about the fight you could read more at For details about the results you can read more at

The fight card of the night is below:for GLORY 43 SuperFight Series:

Featherweight Bout: Terrence Hill vs. Chenchen Li

Lightweight Bout: Itay Gershon vs. Rafal Dudek

Super Bantamweight Bout: Anissa Meksen vs. Jady Menezes

Middleweight Bout: Ariel Sepulveda vs. Joe Taylor

Featherweight Bout: Arthur Sorsor vs. Bailey Sugden

Interim World Title Light Heavyweight Bout: Pavel Zhuravlev vs. Saulo Cavalari

The current amateur card for GLORY 43:

Amateur Bout: Chris Tapia vs. James Guccione

Amateur Bout: Chantal Perry vs. Jennie Nedell

Amateur Bout: Pawel Zawistowski vs. Jeff Lentz

Amateur Bout: Mateo Maldonado vs. Zarrukh Adashev

Amateur Bout: Bartosz Botwina vs. Chris Lukusa

Amateur Bout: Ivan Galaz vs. Carlos Brooks

Amateur Bout: Jonathan Di Bella vs. Lennox Chance