Oh Just Me, Brendan & Bryan!

Big Brown Breakdown + Comedy

June 22, 2017 | Gotham Comedy Club | NYC

WHAT A SHOW! One of my favorite events is going to comedy shows. Who wouldnt want to spend a an hour or so laughing your ass off?! This show in particular was surprising because I didn’t realize how great Brendan Schaub is at story telling. His performance wasn’t all punch lines; they were actual stories in his life. His life just so happens to be pretty crazy. Think about it…a former fighter who had a “WTF!” moment, retired from fighting, became a successful entrepreneur and currently travels the world touring and the host of his own podcasts. Amazing to receive all of that from one show! 

First hour or so was comedy hour. Pretty hysterical if you knew the people he was referencing in the MMA world. Brendan’s impersonations of fighters and other actors like Leonardo DiCaprio was definitely the highlight of the night for me. His comedy wasn’t just about laughs, he also through in some very inspirational stories about his life and the struggle he endured to be where he is today. I took away that your “movie” of your life isn’t constant. What you imagine to be the end may change, but its up to you to have the courage to keep shooting for your ultimate happiness. Words of encouragement I feel everyone needs to hear all the time to keep going!
After comedy hour or hours…not too sure how long because I was so entertained! Brendan transitioned to the Big Brown Breakdown and with help from his assistant he took off into analyzing the Bellator 180 lineup. For those who are not familiar with his podcast: The Big Brown Breakdown is Brendan’s podcast where he gives the breakdown of upcoming fights. At the time of this show it was the week of Bellator 180 which was took place in Madison Square Garden. Gotham City Comedy Club had many tv’s surrounding the stage and they posted the line up for the fight. Brendan Schaub went through his predictions in great detail. Leaving the audience in awe. I watched them try to close their mouths and slurp up the knowledge Brendan just served on the fight. I was sure a handful of people needed to make some changes to their bets before the fight. Watching him answer ALL of the questions from the audience was pretty awesome. I never witnessed a celebrity really take his time with his fans and give them thought out, intellectual commentary on the upcoming fights. He definitely gained a few more loyal fans to subscribe to his podcast!
At the end of the show, I was able to meet Brendan and snag a picture with him and a few minutes of talking. You know…for this blog! Lol! 
He was super nice and friendly. He thanked everyone for coming to the show and didn’t mind the mad house of people who quickly lined up for their photograph with him. On the way out, to my surprise, I met Bryan Callen! He is a comedian, actor and co-host with Brendan Schaub on the podcast The fighter and The Kid. Another great podcast you should check out!
Overall, great show and well worth the money. The tickets were $20 each and the doors opened at 7:15pm at the Gotham Comedy Club. This was also my first time at this comedy club. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the distance between the stage and the audience. There was a two drink minimum that night which is the usually for most comedy club. I can’t critique the food because I did not eat here, however, it did smell super delicious and the guests next to me were raving about it. Lol!
Special thanks to Gotham Comedy Club for their services and hosting a great night, thank you Brendan Schaub for an outstanding performance, and thanks Bryan Callen for being cool enough to take a photo with me!
I look forward to going to the next showing!